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28. Jan 2012 - 10. Feb 2012

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31. Jan 2012
Returning pilgrims detained
(Tibet.net) The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) reports that Tibetan pilgrims returning to Tibet from Nepal, most of them having attended the Kalachakra initiation given by the Dalai Lama in India in early January, have been arrested by Chinese security personnel and forcibly taken to an undisclosed location and were possibly "whisked away in a train bound for China". There were earlier reports that many returning Tibetans had gone missing and were yet to arrive at their homes.

01. Feb 2012
Lhasa Party boss calls for stringent security measures
(Xinhua) Qi Zhala, Lhasa's Communist Party chief warned local officials that Lhasa is a top priority in terms of "maintaining stability" in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), as it is "often chosen by overseas separatists as a prime target for sabotage and infiltration". Qi ordered a crackdown on "separatist" activities he linked to the Dalai Lama. He ordered officials to tighten management of the city's migrant population by changing housing rental, household registration, and transitory residential permit issuing policies. Qi Zhala also ordered the region's border checkpoints to require all people entering Tibet to carry identification from 01 March 2012.

01. Feb 2012
Chinese officials say 'Trained Separatists' Responsible for Tibetan Violence
(Xinhua) Chinese state media has reported on protests in Tibetan areas of Sichuan province, blaming "trained Tibetan separatists" who, in attacking police, would be responsible for recent deadly violence. The China Daily quoted Sichuan government officials saying two rioters were killed and 24 police officers and firefighters wounded in two confrontations. It is the first detailed report by local officials since violence broke out. The official claims contradict those made by lobby groups and exile circles, who say up to seven protesters died when police opened fire on unarmed crowds in three incidents. 
Officials defended their use of force, saying: "No government would tolerate such violence directed against police". Security forces have secured the area, restricting journalists and others from independently verifying the reports.

04. Feb 2012
Three Tibetans Self-immolate
(RFA) Three Tibetans have set themselves on fire in Serthar county, Sichuan province. Two of the Tibetans who were, identified as Tsering (aged around 60) from Tsaptse village and Kyari (aged around 30) from Bumshul village, are said to have survived in a critical condition. Radio Free Asia (RFA) alleges that the news of the self-immolations emerged with a day of delay due to a clampdown in communications by Chinese authorities in the area.

09. Feb 2012
Two Tibetans self immolate in separate incidents.
(Free Tibet; RFA) A man who set himself on fire in Ngaba town has been identified as 19-year old Rigzin Dorje, a former monk. He is in a critical condition after Chinese security forces doused the flames and took him away, according to RFA sources. Another man set himself alight on the same day, the first in the Yushu region in Qinghai province. Free Tibet said that a monk in his 30s set fire to himself on the main road of La Township, Tridu (Chin: Chengduo) county. Initial reports identified him as Sonam Rabyang, from the La monastery in Tridu, Kyegudo (Chin: Jiegu). Eyewitnesses report that he was alive but in a serious condition when taken away by Chinese security personnel.

09. Feb 2012
Two Shot Dead; Another Self-Immolation
(RFA) Chinese security forces shot and killed a Tibetan monk and his brother who had been involved in protests against Chinese rule, RFA reports. The two brothers had been on the run for more than two weeks, and had been hiding in the hills in a nomad region when they were surrounded and fired upon, according to RFA sources in Tibet and in exile.

10. Feb 2012
Protests in Yushu and Nangchen
(VOA) Around 400 monks from the Dzil Kar monastery in Tridu, Yushu TAP, marched to Zatoe town and were confronted by a large number of Chinese security personnel. A separate incident occured in Nangchen (Chin: Nanqian) town, where a video released by Voice of America (VOA) shows about 500 Tibetans taking part in protests.

10. Feb 2012
Tibetan officials sacked for "neglect of duty"
(BBC; CNN) The Chinese Communist Party chief in Tibet has sacked four officials for "endangering stability", according to the Tibet Daily newspaper. The officials in Chamdo region were sacked for leaving their posts during the Chinese New Year, and three more police officials were sacked in the Shigatse region for failing to carry out security duty in local government buildings. The decision regarding their "neglect of duty" was announced at a Communist Party conference in the region. Chen Quanguo, the party chief, told the conference the current situation in the TAR is "grave".

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